La Bergerie du Fatoulier : Vos futures vacances en Ardèche du Sud


Pour nous rejoindre:

Between Rosiere and Joyeuse at the roundabout (do not enter in Joyeuse) take direction Ales, then 200 meters on your left take the junction with the direction  "Mas de la Bastide" and "Les Gras" (if you're on the road with a 3-way passing lane, you missed our intersection).

Then for 2 kms a small winding road, on the plateau of the "Grads",  take top left and 200 meters in the middle of the descent immediately the first road on the left, entrance in local stone. Follow the indications "La Bergerie" during 300 meters.


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Latitude : 44°28'5.51"N
Longitude : 4°15'15.51"E